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por los más nuevos
por los mejores por los más nuevos por los más antiguos
Nick Ramírez

Entonces… Esto significa que no hay clip hoy?


It’s nice to see Cris happy again.


Tengo serias dudas de cómo va a continuar la historia, porque sí ahora mucho contenido de felicidad y de que la parejita está súper bien pero y cuando se le vuelva a ir a Joana?
Creo que Joana no va a ser un personaje que se vaya a quedar en las próximas temporadas, aquí mis hipótesis
1. Se vuelve a desestabilizar y arma algo gordo, escena de la ambulancia y Joana se muda o cambia de instituto
2. Cris no aguanta sus dudas y venidas emocionales y rompe sin mucho drama
3. Tema familiar que se vayan a Argentina o algo así
Mmmm no sé, yo no es por ser pesimista pero no veo aquí final feliz posible
Por cierto me toca mucho las narices el momento de la reconciliación cuando Joana dice pero también hubo momentos buenos, jope si llevan 3 días de relación….de qué momentos habla?? Yo creo que ya hubo más problemas de los que debería haber habido para casi no haber empezado…

No lo entiendo

No entiendo porque tiene que acabar mal la relacion Cris Joana. Todo lo contrario ahora todo bien y en las demás temporadas veremos a Cris apoyando la si tiene alguna Crisis y entenderemos que no pasa nada por tener una enfermedad. Hoy en día hay diagnósticos y tratamientos y somos todos iguales. Siempre hay quien odia o tiene miedo a lo diferente es su problema….


Another one who doesn’t understand anything/the beautiful things this season is giving us, and comments bullshit here, ugh


Uy siento ser demasiado realista cuyo nombre es croana…seguro que hay muchos que quieren un final feliz y rosa, pero tengo la impresión de que no va a ser tan fácil
Perdón por molestarte con mis teorías 🙂


Bueno puede quedarse y ver como evoluciona la realción con todo eso de la enfermedad, la supersalida del armario de Cris con su madre.


I just finished Game of Thrones and now I really need a clip to cheer me up !

And does someone knows the name of the song playing while they are taking the picture in the last clip !? Thanksss


Ikr Skam Espana team rocks!! Haha, lately I’ve been listening to this season’s songs all the time, hurricanes, wonder, for you and now Patient, their music choice is really good 😍


To be honest the music is the only aspect of the show I’m a bit disappointed by.. But to be fair I’m very peaky about it cause it’s like my biggest passion, music is one of the fiew things I care about so in every movie or tv show I watch I analyse the soundtrack and here it’s not really my thing, but some songs were good !


I found one thing that we don’t have in common :p Cuz I actually like a lot the music choice and the songs really described every scene they were used in a very good way…my opinion haha


Turkey, ahahaha why weird? Yeah its late but I always drink coffee at night especially when I’m studying haha, told you that I was a mess, ohh so I’m not the only one at this point either hahaha…what is the subject of your exam?..and I wish that you will pass it 🙏


Ahah wait where do you live !? Cause un Europe rn it’s nearly 1am so it’s a weird time to drink coffee 🤔

I like your mess!

I have a huge exam on Thursday and i’m barely studying for it because of Skam, I think it’s a bad influence and a mutual mess ahah ( tf I should be sleeping by now it’s laaaaaate)


Right now I’m drinking a coffee, listening to 505 and «trying» to study but instead I’m thinking about today’s clip and chat.. lmao I’m the messiest mess 😂😏


Ahah ok that’s actually one more thing than!

And I think I’m like a coffee person in the morning and tea in the afternoon I really love both but you’re right about coffee being more addictive it’s my drug during the exams!


Hahahahahahahahahhaha I’m laughing at this Ariana and Taylor thing cuz same tbh…hmm idk I like both but coffee kinda makes you more addicted to it so coffee I guess..and you?


Ahah that’s a very good thing cause my snobbish-self refuses to interact with people who’s favourite artists are Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift 💁🏼‍♀️ (Sorryyy i’m being bitchy again)

But it’s kinda crazy cause 505 is not a typical favorite 😍

I propose that, to test our weird “alikeness” we answer a stupid question everyday! Like tea or coffee!?


We have the same favorite songs of Arctic Monkeys I’m-….😍😍 and here I was thinking that there’s a thing that we don’t have in common 😝


Noooooo!? Girl 505 is legit the best ! And Fluorescent adolescent is like my fav’ to dance alone in my room or sing in the car


Wow good taste 😍, I’ll check them out…if you tell me that «505» is your favorite Arctic Monkeys song imma flip ahahahaha


You made my night ! 😍 I just put a 70s playlist in my headphones and now I’m so cosy studying

You should try bands like The Frights, Peach Pit or Spacey Jane, maybe you’ll like it, I listen to them a lot atm

I like a lot a different stuff but I love to know the artists I listen to like I always check the full albums, interviews, live sessions etc..

But my favs are like The Strokes, Twenty one pilots, Warpaint, Haim, Arctic Monkeys..

And right now I’m just obsessed with Rosalia and James Blake ahah idk why


I simply like it* hahahah


pretty much everything ahahah I’m not «picky» if I like a song I simple like it without looking who is singing it or whatever , I really like old music, 80s 90s rock hahah idk…How about you?


Ahah thanks you’re so cute! What do you listen to? (except the Skam playlist)

Promise I won’t judge 😇


HAHAHAH naah girl u seem like a really nice person to me, even tho you don’t have the same music taste as me its okay you’re still cool😝😜


I meant it more like «annoying» (in french boring and annoying are the same word so I make that mistake quite often)
Like when my friends are talking about Billie Eilish I’m like : «I KNOW she’s great, I discovered her 3years ago and when I made you listen you told me you didn’t liked it and know that she’s on the radio you love it, how original!» (and now I seem like a bitchy person ahah 💁🏼)


Hmm idk but I understand you hahah and don’t worry I’m pretty sure you’re not boring at all, you seem like a cool person 🙂


Well I don’t think they made bad choices, the songs and the scenes are a great match, it’s just that it’s not music I’d put in my playlists..
But I’m a bit of a snob, I’m one of those boring people who judges everyone’s music tastes and spend all my money on vinyls and gigs (Is «snob» just a french word or does it mean the same in english?)


There are a lot of people searching for that song, including me hahaha but it seems impossible to find it 🙁


It’s so frustrating, I tried everything but it really is impossible to find, our last hope is that the Skam team sees our distress and help us out !
(Hi Skam team, we love you, could you give us the name of that song please? We’ll be forever grateful)


Hahahaha they have a spotify playlist so maybe they will upload it there, hopefully 🙏


It’s crazy they even did a spotify account for Cris, and yeah we’ll see when they update it!..
I’m desperate for new music rn, I just listen to the same stuff all the time


Que wuapas, se nota que la felicidad corriendo por sus venas 😍😁